Project development,


Write and develop a case study in project management. You need to identify a company in the UAE in any sector that deals with any projects and then analyze the company in light of project and change management matters or issues. You as a group need to carry out some interviews in order to obtain the relevant information to be used in writing the case study. You can also ask for additional documents that are relevant to help develop the case study.

Decide on the type of case study either by emphasizing:

• Illustrative / best practice (merely illustrates how to apply appropriate concept / success story of the company, and no action plan is required by the protagonist (main character/storyteller)).

• Evaluation/ finished (protagonist has to make judgement about the worth, value, or effectiveness of performance / act / outcome)

• Decision/ “unfinished” case (protagonist has to make decision among alternatives)

• Problem (protagonist has to identify root causes of the problem and / or suggests ways to fix the problem)

Below is a list of suggested or possible topics, matters or issues in relation to project and change management:
• Project risk assessment
• Multicultural issues in PM
• Portfolio project management
• Activity based costing
• Return on project investment and business value of project management
• Cost and benefits of project management software
• Artificial intelligence and project management.
• New trends in Project management
• Project management in globalized settings
• Virtual project management
• Agile project management
• Knowledge networks in projects
• Vendor selection and contracting
• Project teamwork and communications
• Remote management of contractors and staff
• Ratings of project management software
• Maintaining Quality PM practices
• Critical success factors for projects
• Business intelligence application in projects
• Other topics with instructor’s approval

The following are the guidelines and structure of the case study development. The case study report is divided into the sections below.

ABSTRACT: provide a brief and relevant description of the situation contained in your case study and the major theoretical concepts that you may identify (approx. 150-200 words).


Introduce the case by discussing — Who, What, Where, Why, When, Whose, How and the urgency of the matter.


Provide background on the history of the organization (or situation), type of business, products/services provided, management structure, strategic planning, organizational culture, economic climate and any other issues that you feel are necessary to provide the reader with a comprehensive understanding of the background of the case. Only include what is relevant to the case study. You can include all the statistics/figure –factual or general information if needed.


Provide a detailed overview of the matters, issues, challenges, problems, controversies and experiences based on the list of suggested topic above. For example:
• Risk Management in the usage of adopting Cloud Computing
• Cost and benefits of project management software

* Use any concepts that you have learned & apply these concepts and theories to present the business challenges in your case study.


Discuss solutions and recommendations in dealing with the challenges, controversies, and problems presented in the preceding section by using journals to justify it. All solutions and recommendations need to be supported with arguments from the theory and the case study data. Recommendations should be actionable and practical.

A significant portion of your report marks will be derived from an assessment of the suitability and scholarliness of your selected articles. (In other words, you will be assessed on how well the articles selected support analysis of the issues you have identified as problematic in your case description).

*Thus, papers should engage at least 4-5 scholarly sources, preferably recent journal articles, to provide evidence to support paper argument and analysis. Websites do not count as scholarly sources. Simply listing references without substantive application to support analysis will result in a poor paper result.


Need to provide THREE (3) lesson learned questions for the case. Example: What is the main issue faced by the organization in term of project risk management? How is the company trying to overcome the process of risk? How is the risk affecting the company?
Students must provide in-text citations and a reference list, using the Harvard Referencing System or APA.
The final report of your case study must be submitted during the final exam period. The length of the case study should range from 7 to 10 pages. Write well. Make sure your points are clear and are demonstrated with appropriate images. Put all references at the end of paper. Make sure that the final report has the following sections mentioned above.

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