Hospitality Management

A summary of the process involved when applying for a liquor license and registering a food outlet with the local authority. Assess and appraise potential customer requirements and menu acceptability with regard to price, choice and CASBar brand.

A description and justification of the CASBar ‘Brand’. Detailed market analysis and advertising/ promotion strategy for the brand, from conception to closure including group strategies. State the main approaches to capacity management used in the live operations and evaluate their appropriateness for this type of food outlet.

Present food and beverage budgets using spread sheet for each event. Describe the budgetary developments prior to the opening of the first operation. Evaluate the monitoring, tools and results analysis during and at the end of the sessions.

The budgets must include estimates of provisions, utilities, wages, marketing costs and other disposables. Menu engineering must be included for each of the live events using spread sheets. Give a brief justification as to why a manager should carry out periodical stock takes using CAS inventories as an example.

Describe the principles of quality control used with regards to legislation, price, customer choice and the overall brand concept.





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