improving client and community health

Choose ONLY ONE case study to use for this assessment (I have attached the case studies separately). You will be required to research complex determinants (biomedical, behavioural, social and environmental) shaping your chosen case study and analyse the adequacy of the services available in addressing these determinants (at each level). Each case study is comprised of a scenario detailing the health issue, a journal article and a media report (print, audio or video). The case studies cover the following issues:

Syphilis in a small town
Breast cancer

Each case study report should include:
 A description of the health issue relating to the case study, including prevalence and its impact on quality of life (using epidemiological data)
 An analysis of the social and environmental determinants shaping the health issue
 A description of the services available to those affected by the health issue and the place of these services within the Australian health care system
 A critique of services tasked with addressing the health issue and are they preventative or reactive?




Sample Solution

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