Purpose of the Task
This activity should encourage you to understand the theory of the course in greater depth and make it more relevant and practical. It gives you a chance to read and assess relevant information and knowledge to broaden your learning experience while allowing you to critically examine a publication in the area of public health optometry.
“Aboriginal community controlled health services: leading the way in primary care” by Panaretto et al (2014)

In 1,000 words, use your skills to critically review and analyse the content of your chosen publication. Note that references do not count toward the 1,000 word limit.
Your analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the article are the major requirement in this assessment.
Assessment Criteria
The assessment is graded against specific criteria that include:
• Relevance of your work –answer the assigned question
• Quality of your answer including accuracy, depth of analysis
• Evidence of critical reflection and understanding – your arguments and conclusions must be based on evidence from the literature where appropriate (use the literature in your analysis – not just quote the literature)
• Where appropriate, reference appropriately and accurately
• Coherence of your work – logical flow, clear and concise presentation
• No plagiarism
• Adherence to the word limit

Sample Solution

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