Research paper about department in the bank


Write research from 5000 words about department related with training employees in the rasheed bank in Iraq . i have some data about this department from date 1/1/2018 to 31/03/2018 such as total of employees who ant art courses in this department and i have total of employees in the bank . and i have gender . age . level education . so i want write study about this department and this study should be included 1( introduction) and 2(the aim from this study) and this aim is ( i want to see if this department in theses three months active or not and if it not active who or what should will do to be active and this department related with HR department i want to see if we can move this part about training to another part in the bank to be more active ) and i want write about the 3( analysis the data) we have and 4(results) and then 5( conclusion ) and 6(recommendations) (about how to be this department active which related with training ) i want to use( MS Excel) when to analysis data and i want use 10 resources.

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