Business Intelligence

Choose one of the following companies for your assignment:
(1) Spotify:
(2) Qantas:
(3) Uniting Communities:
(4) Samsung:

To achieve maximum possible marks, the report should include the following
1) Audience (18): Discuss who are the end users of the dashboard, what type of BI users they are, what kind of responsibilities they have and what kind of decisions they have to make.
2) Benefits (18): Describe in detail the benefits that a dashboard can bring to the organisation. Refer to monitoring possible threats and opportunities that the organisation is facing.
3) Data (18): Discuss what potential and real data sources will be included that can help the end users in making informed decisions. Consider internal (data generated within the organisation) as well as external data (data available outside the organisation).
4) Challenges (18): Address potential challenges in implementing the dashboard. Discuss the challenges from different perspectives such as data quality, data availability and others. You should discuss at least 3 challenges (6 marks for each).
5) Methodology (18): Describe the planned method for implementing the dashboard including who is involved in the development.




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