Innovation and Technology Management

*These are only additional instructions. Full instructions can be found in the word file.* – Read the pdf attached carefully and understand. (It’s the key to the assignment) – Read the word file it contains all the instructions you need – Focus more on literature review – Everything you write should be refrenced – Don’t include any websites references. – Start with do you agree with the 5 stages of innovation? – Critical analysis( you are challenging the theories) – Come up with original ideas – Talk about drivers of innovation – Opinions don’t matter. Focus on literature review and critical analysis and also examples. – Use many graphs and examples – Use a proper business language and discuss elegantly ideas – I attached some reading materials that my lecturer suggested to complete the assignment I will attach them later – Follow the marking criteria in the word file These were direct instructions from my lecturer (I will follow up with more as we go): Here are some of the readings you should do to help you with the assignment Part 1 link: Part 2 link:

Sample Solution

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