Senegal’s transition from a French colony to an independent country

write an original, independent research (term) paper for this course. For this project, students shall be responsible for choosing the topic of their final term paper, which should reflect the focus and content of this course. I intend to write about Africa’s west coast country of Senegal. I will focus on Senegal’s transition from a French colony to an independent country.
I will analyze the French colonial system of administration and compare it to modern day Senegal. In order to understand the progress of the country in modern day Africa, I will also be comparing its advancement against some of the other European colonies after their independence. The main areas of focus will be administration, economics, health, religion, and society. To understand Senegal, I will have to focus much of my attention on the period of French colonialization. Also investigating why, the French were interested in these lands at the time, what resources they held, the type of administration before colonialization, and the oppression by the French and the effect on its people. I will research their achievements in modern Africa, as well as their misfortunes.




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