Human Resources Management (HRM)

Read a training and/or employee development-related journal article from one of the following
peer-reviewed journals from 2005 or later.
 Academy of Management Journal
 Academy of Management Review
 Journal of Management
 Journal of Applied Psychology
 Personnel Psychology
 Organization Science
 Journal of Management Studies
 Administrative Science Quarterly
 Leadership Quarterly
 Journal of Organizational Behavior
 Human Relations
 Organizational Behavior and Human
Decision Processes
 Human Resource Management Review
 European Journal of Work and
Organizational Psychology
 Human Resource Management Journal
 Journal of Vocational Behavior
 Journal of Occupational Health Psychology
 Journal of Business and Psychology
 Journal of Occupational and Organizational
 Human Resource Management
 Journal of Managerial Psychology
2. Write a 2-page, double-spaced reflection on the article using Times New Roman size 12 font and 1-inch
3. In your reflection, address the following questions:
 What was the primary research question the author(s) were trying to answer?
 Did the authors find support for their hypotheses? Why or why not?
 How might the findings be applied in your current or future workplace?
 What were the limitations of the study and how might those limitations influence your assessment of
the research findings?
 What are your 3 main takeaways from the article?






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