International Marketing

A well-established Australian university “Australian National University” recently saw increased international student demand. The organisation is a large education services provider. You, the international marketing manager believes that Japan or Thailand (you pick one and justify) may be a potential growth area/market for the University. Further, the head of marketing believes Internet technology may also enhance the organisations ability to generate profits now and in the future from those markets, but is unsure how. Can you help analyse and evaluate the potential for this country market? Choose a particular area of Japan or Thailand and justify this choice. Further, assess how the Internet through virtual reality or augmented reality this might assist the firm in their international marketing activities of their product?

Research Question: Who is the customer/students (eg end users, businesses and or government)? How might these country specific and technology elements influence the marketing activities and performance of the firm from those markets? What strategy might be most appropriate? How has the Internet influenced international customer behaviour and/or culture from that market?




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