Investigate and explain what is microcontroller simulation.


1. Investigate and explain what is microcontroller simulation.

Find at least two examples of existing microcontroller simulators/emulators (either open source or commercial applications) and describe their main characteristics. Add web links and references (e.g. articles, books’ references).

2. Create an account and run this online circuit simulator:

Create an example in it simulating a traffic light with an Arduino Uno microcontroller board and four LEDs (one red, one yellow, one green and one extra green LED simulating a left arrow). Each LED will be on for 3 seconds, lighting them in sequence, one LED at a time. Add a pushbutton to activate the traffic light once. You will need to write the code for simulating the traffic light. Do not use blocks, use text (code). Document the code properly, commenting the main functions, variables, etc.

Take screenshots of your example running on that simulator.

Once your code and the simulation is ready, click the Share button/Invite People, so add its resulting link to your assignment report. This is how I will see and review your simulation and code later. The simulation must work, otherwise I will discount some marks.

Here is a tutorial about Tinkercad:

3. Explain what are the benefits and possible challenges of emulating/simulating microcontroller board applications. You can also cite references about this.

Write a report on the above. Write at least 3 pages, single-spaced, 12pt font, in PDF format. You may include small pictures, citing their sources. Do not copy and paste (plagiarize) information from the Internet, articles or books. Do not plagiarize the code. It is not enough to cite the sources. Write as much as you can in your own words. You can also paraphrase but don’t overuse it. If you plagiarize in this assignment, your grade will be zero (0). Do not cite Wikipedia pages.

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