Personal Injury and Medical Law

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Answer these questions (appr. 2,5 pages per question): 1. Critically evaluate whether the criminal offence of gross negligence manslaughter should continue to apply to healthcare professionals considering case law and academic opinion in your answer. 2. Abigail is an 18 month old child who suffers from a neurological degenerative condition. She was admitted to hospital at 3 weeks old and has remained in hospital ever since. Her condition is considered to be terminal by all those treating her. She is blind and deaf. The staff in charge of her care consider it probable that she cannot experience pain. She is on a ventilator, is in receipt of clinically assisted nutrition and hydration, and has a life expectancy of 6 months. Her parents, Jake and Pippa are Roman Catholics and oppose any withdrawal of the intensive life support that Abigail is receiving. They also do not accept the clinical prognosis for their daughter. They want to take Abigail to Spain for an experimental therapy. The staff and hospital consider that it would be in Abigail’s best interests to have treatment withdrawn as soon as possible. Critically analyse the legal and ethical challenges raised by the above scenario.



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