Tracer Patient Summary


In this task, you will use a tracer methodology to track a patient’s care in order to evaluate the healthcare organization’s systems of providing care and services for a readiness audit. This methodology also makes it possible to assess the healthcare organization’s compliance with Joint Commission standards. This is part of the organization’s compliance with delivering safe, quality healthcare.

Examine data for a patient that is found in the attached “Accreditation Audit Case Study – Task 3 Artifacts” and find any trends, patterns, and problems. Once these have been identified, you can remediate the concerns.

A. Review the tracer patient information from the attached Accreditation Audit Case Study – Task 3 Artifacts and do the following:
1. Discuss an outstanding patient care issue for the organization made evident by the tracer patient.
2. Develop a corrective action plan to address the patient care improvement needs for the organization using a keyword search in the Joint Commission electronic manual.

B. When you use sources, include all in-text citations and references in APA format.

Sample Solution

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