Sustainable design for Super Transfer Station in Ararat

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Moving into the 21st century, the method of waste treatment is divided into two main fields, which are bury and incineration. Ararat Rural City Council (ARCC) is located approximately 198 kilometres northwest of Melbourne, Victoria. Ararat Region has eight Transfer Stations and a lot of waste piled up can result in a serious hazard to the environment, especially the pollution of soil, air and water quality. The council wishes to develop one or two Super Transfer Stations in order to drive better environmental outcomes and labour savings. The investigation topic will study on my work integrating and applying key operational aspects of sustainable design to a collaborative engineering project. By investigating various case studies involving transfer stations in community, to provide professional recommendations on the sustainable design and development for super transfer station in Ararat. Objectives: • Clear description of the objective. • Briefly research and outline a specific technology that would benefit the project. • Consider organisational culture and key stakeholders. (internal and external) •




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