Hollywood vs History


Choose a movie that deals with an event in U.S. History since 1865. Through your careful and thorough research, you will determine how accurately the movie portrays the historical event. You will discuss your findings in a 4-5 page paper (typed, double-spaced)Your paper should include: 1. A strong introduction with a clear thesis?a relevant plot summary (not too short, and not too long… find the right balance) 2. A discussion of how accurately the movie portrays the historical events. This is where your RESEARCH comes in! Be thorough and specific! Make sure to provide at least three examples to PROVE YOUR THESIS regarding how your movie does or does not accurately portray the historical events. 3. A minimum of 12 citations using correct format (citations will be footnotes or endnotes). This should include both direct and indirect citations; representative of all sources referenced in your works cited page. 4. A thoughtful conclusion?a works cited page, using correct bibliographical format (MLS or APA), minimum of 6 sources ~ *? Your movie counts as one source and needs to be included?a minimum of one primary source (discussion of actual event from a newspaper or magazine of that time; letters or diaries; an interview, …)* You may go beyond the minimum of 6 required sources. Keep in mind however, that all of your sources must be represented by citations (either footnotes or endnotes) in the body of your paper – you must actually USE and REFER to all of the sources that you put on your works cited page. (Unlike a bibliography, which is a list of all the sources you consulted, a works cited page is a list of all the sources you ‘cite’ or ‘reference’ or refer to in your paper – either directly or indirectly.

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