Nimble Storage: Scaling Talent Strategy Amidst Hyper- Growth


Case is Attached, Please use the case to answer the following questions. You may write in essay format or answer each question separately. The total length is supposed to be between 1500-3000 words for the whole paper.

1. What are the critical people and organizational challenges that Suresh Vasudevan and Paul Whitney, along with the rest of the senior team, face at Nimble?

2. What makes Vasudevan and Whitney unique in terms of a close partnership between a CEO and an HR leader? How does this partnership impact the development and implementation of Nimble’s people initiatives?
3.How would you describe Nimble’s cultural and organizational DNA?
4. What are the specific value-added benefits of the various people initiatives introduced by Whitney since his arrival? Evaluate the initiatives that the Nimble team has put in place. Which initiative is likely to have the most impact? Why?
5.What are the potential barriers to Vasudevan and Whitney’s success?
6. What are the lessons of this case for other companies experiencing hyper-growth?
7. What should Nimble’s senior leaders focus on next? Why?

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