Week 6 assignment


Please answer the question using own words. Not essay type.
Answers should be substantive.



1. Why is effective budgeting critical to a company’s success? – chapter 21 : 90 words
2. What is a flexible budget? What types of organizations might use flexible budgets? – chapter 22 – 90 words
3. Why are flexible budgets useful? –chapter 22 – 80 words –
4. What are variances and why do these occur? – chapter 23 – 90 words
5. What factors would you consider when deciding whether to investigate a variance? – chapter 23 – 90 words
6. Why is it important for management to understand how a budget is prepared? – 90 words
7.Articles. Please write a brief statement describing the article, why it relates to the course and what you found interesting about it. This description should be at least 100 words. You may read and comment on articles posted by others and substantive comments/responses to all articles will count toward the participation goal as well.


Sample Solution

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