Create a folio of literacy

For this final assessment, you will create a folio of literacy teaching and assessment strategies that you could use as a classroom teacher with your future students. You will need to select a learning topic in history and find two examples each of written, spoken and visual texts relevant to the topic (six in total). Once you have a topic and the six texts, you will need to select and sequence literacy strategies specific to your subject area that you could use to teach and assess the diversity of students you are likely to be teaching.

For this task, you will:
• Select a subject area learning topic and two examples each of written, spoken and visual texts relevant to the topic (six)
• Ensure that you can provide access to these texts in the appendices of your assignment: links (in the case of digital texts) or overviews where appropriate (in the case of texts that will be produced in classroom activity)
• Select subject-specific literacy strategies that you might use to teach and assess students with those texts, being sure to cater to the diversity of students.
• Discuss how (in what ways) you would teach and assess students in the topic you have chosen where you include an overview of the steps you would take. In your discussion, you will need to include at least one strategy per text to teach and assess your students. Be sure to acknowledge the source where appropriate (unless the strategy has been created for the purposes of the folio).
• Sequence the strategies in the folio to reflect your understanding of scaffolding increasingly independent learning.
• Explain what aspects of literacies the strategy addresses. Relate these to the literacy learning needs of a diversity of students.
• Explain what information the strategy could provide when used for assessment (for and of learning).
Students need to develop a repertoire of literacy teaching strategies for all students and be able to articulate how each addresses the literacy learning needs of students to inform effective instruction in content areas. This will encompass the following learning outcomes:
• Be able to know the subject-specific literacy practices of their teaching areas (LO1)
• Be able to employ a range of strategies for literacy instruction (LO2)
• Know how to sequence strategies to scaffold effective literacy (LO3)
• be confident to teach about texts and the use to the diversity of students (LO4)
• Can articulate how strategies can be used for assessment (LO5)

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