Liver transplant patients


Write an essay focusing on their rehabilitation journey. The best choise is liver transplant patient as a case. We can say he is from home alone So my case data is liver transplant patient, home alone and 40yrs old. Who has return to work. With past history is HT, EX IVDU, Migraines Below is assessment criteria and guideline from the unit Drawing upon your own nursing experiences, identify a patient* who you have cared for who has been undergoing rehabilitation. Using a patient-focused clinical inquiry approach develop a case study which focuses on their individual rehabilitation journey. The patient’s condition should be briefly discussed and the physical, psychological and social aspects of the individual’s rehabilitation journey should be identified and critically analysed. Your paper should explore aspects of rehabilitation assessment, nursing interventions, case management, goal setting, and the role of the multidisciplinary team, using evidence based literature to support your discussions. * Ensure that the name and location of your chosen patient remain confidential by providing a pseudonym, and referring to the setting as a hospital community or ambulatory care setting.on 1 Includes a rich description of the person and the context and nature of the rehabilitation process as experienced by the person Identifies, discusses and justifies relevant aspects of rehabilitation assessment Demonstrates an understanding of the key nursing interventions and the role of the multidisciplinary team Provides an in-depth analysis of issues arising in goal setting and case management Demonstrates critical engagement with the evidence-based literatu Writes in a structured, succinct and well informed manner with reference to appropriate academic literature, current research and evidence-based clinical practice guidelines. Using correct Harvard referencing style as required by the School of Health Sciences.

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