Moby Dick Analysis


1. Read Moby Dick with an eye towards its meaning, thinking of interpreting and explaining the text as a work of art. 2. Pick (at least) one theme: Identify a theme, issue, question, problem, image, idea, etc., that cuts across the novel as a whole. (Depending on what you want to argue, your essay may want to address more than one theme, which is acceptable.) 3. Form carries content: Remember that a novel is built from particular pieces—words, rhythms and sonorities, sentences, paragraphs, chapters; ideas, idioms, images, forms, symbols, metaphors; plot, characters, events. The author is purposefully putting all these parts together to create a meaningful work of art. Watch for how the the specific pieces and how Melville puts them together in order to explain how the novel achieves the meaning you think it does, your interpretation of the Theme you have chosen.

Sample Solution

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