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Purpose: To deepen your understanding of health patterns as they relate to you and your family. The goals of this paper are to enhance your personal wellbeing and nursing practice. The paper is to be typed and double-spaced, using APA format. This includes a reference page, as well as an Appendix I for copied Internet Resource/URL sites. Please include the Evaluation Form for Wellness Paper. There will be 6 parts to the paper. They are as follows: 1. Write a personal statement on “What being healthy means to me.” 2. Describe your family’s health patterns as follows: a. Place of birth b. Cultural background c. State of health d. Health care practices for your family including maternal and paternal grandparents, mother and father, yourself, spouse, children, siblings. e. What patterns emerge from the above? f. Discuss any concerns/issues you may have. g. Have you changed any of your health practices due to your family pattern? 3. Describe your own practices of health promotion/disease prevention (HP/DP) in the following areas: a. Physical activity and fitness. b. Nutrition – include cancer prevention strategies. c. Use of tobacco, alcohol and other drugs. d. Safety in home (abusive toxic substances/drug safety potential, guns secure). 4. Safety in car (seatbelts, where children sit). a. Environment (lead, allergens). b. Food. c. Stress reduction. d. STD’s. e. Immunizations. f. SBE = Self Breast Exam, mammogram, pap, testicular exam, PSA, rectal. g. Physician (cholesterol, B/P, blood sugar) assessments. h. Alternative Therapies i. Support. j. Other. 4. Develop your own long-term personal wellness plan using the nursing process. You may use a nursing care plan form or write the plan in paragraph form. 5. Do an Internet search to find at least 2 resources that would be valuable for you to use. Include a copy of these in the Appendix of your paper and the reference section of your paper. Be sure to have URL (Uniform Resource Locater). 6. The reference page has to include at least 2 resources from book and/or professional journal along with 2 Internet search resources. 7. Refer to the Evaluation Form for Wellness Paper for specific evaluated criteria. EVALUATION FORM FOR WELLNESS PAPER STUDENT’S NAME ________________________________________DATE______________ Actual Points Possible Points Focus ______ ______ 3 8 15 26 Organization 1. Neatly typed 2. APA Format 3. Spelling/grammar ______ 4 8 8 8 4 32 Body of Paper 1. Statement of “Meaning of Health”. 2. Description of health care practices of 3 generations – including place of birth, cultural background, state of health. 3. Analysis of family patterns 4. Discussion of concerns/issues 5. Discussion of any change in your own health practices related to concerns/issues. 16 Description of Health Promotion and Disease Prevention 1. Physical Activity/Fitness 2. Nutrition (vitamins/cancer prevention/heart/healthy strategies) 3. Use of alcohol, tobacco, drugs 4. Safety (home, car, workplace) 5. Environment (allergens, water supply) 6. Food handling 7. Stress reduction 8. STD awareness 9. Immunizations 10. Cancer screenings 11. Yearly health care provider visits 12. Use of alternative modalities 13. Personal support system 20 Personal Wellness Plan 1. One NANDA self-diagnosis 2. Two measureable, specific and realistic goals 3. At least 5 interventions 4. Evaluation 6 References and Internet Search Must minimally include 2 books and/or professional journal articles plus 2 internet resources with copies of the first page identifying the URL site.

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