The street gang problem (stabbings, shootings) in New York City

a) SERIOUSNESS How serious is the problem? How many incidents took place in recent years, and how many people are involved in this criminal activity, as offenders or victims? (Try to get the latest statistics). Is the scope of the problem growing or diminishing over time? (Try to determine if there are any changes over the last ten years, according to government reports).
b) RELEVANCE OF THEORIES What are some of the reasons why certain individuals become offenders in this criminal activity? Discuss some crime theories studied in class that help us to understand this illegal activity.
c) CRIMINAL JUSTICE “SOLUTIONS” What kinds of law enforcement strategies (policing, punishment) are currently being used to reduce this criminal activity? Is there any evidence of their effectiveness?
d) ALTERNATIVE APPROACHES As an alternative to the criminal justice approach, what kinds of improvements in economic and social conditions also might reduce this illegal activity?




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