Warren Buffett’s latest Letter To Shareholders

Read Chairman Berkshire Hathaway Warren Buffett’s latest Letter To Shareholders

2016 (released in early 2017)which is posted in Module 1 and 4- At the beginning of the

Buffett letter, there is a table With some performance measures for the Berkshire’s

stock versus the 8&9 Discuss What the table means to you- With your analysis of the

shareholder letter that follows, specifically, ANSWER why do you think Berkshire

Hathway stock has been such a strong performer for such a long time, using at least 3

specific reasons found in the letter (is it the management, its great businesses, its

great investments, a combination and be clear and specific and find at least one

article about the company and its letter from CNBC, Thestreet-com, seekingalpha-com

or any other reliable source that helps to support your explanation-

2- In one sentence, discuss how your portfolio performance in % (not dollars) did since

purchase at the beginning of the term versus the S&P 500- Focus on one stock to write

your final journal for Module 42

a- How did this stock perform during the term? How does it compare to your total

portfolio and the S&P 500?

b- Discuss some reasons the stock performed the way it did using research from

sources provided in beginning of term- Find research done by analysts covering the

stock- Eg Seeking alpha-

c- What are the key things you learned from your Stock Market Game experience?





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