Naked Eye Astronomy


As the instructions read per the assignment:

“You will provide a written response to the following prompt. The response must be 125–200 words. Do not stray from the prompt. Submit your answer as a Word document file in Blackboard.

Based on the following writing prompts, provide a clear, concise answer using complete sentences and proper grammar. Use the details from the appropriate class resource tied to the prompt to support your answer. Do not simply quote material from the resource, but instead respond in your own words. Organize your thoughts and then edit your work to meet the length requirement.

Short-Response Question 1 Prompt:
• From the Module/Week 1 presentation, “Naked-Eye Astronomy,” name 3 key landmarks in the night sky and explain how they can be used to help you find other objects, asterisms, or constellations. Please use this format: (1) identify the landmark, (2) identify what time(s) of the year you can best use the landmark from the U.S., and (3) explain how knowing the landmark helps you find other naked-eye objects or formations. Do this for each of the three landmarks.”

I will submit a photo of the class handbook so that the writer can know what book the materials needs to come from. If need be, I can photo copy the chapters w/my phone and attach them. Just let me know.

Sample Solution

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