Communications for Marketing and Advertising

You work in the marketing team of a local bakery brand and your manager has asked you to carry out some research into marketing
communications activity of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream- Your task is to produce a report which addresses the following tasks:
1- Explain the role of marketing communications within the marketing mix (10 marks)
2- Determine and comment upon the communications objectives of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream (10 marks)
3- Identify the target audience of Ben and Jerry’s and discuss the likely segmentation variables applied (10 marks)
4- Identify and critique the promotional tools and materials (i-e- advertising, public relations, direct marketing, personal selling, digital marketing, and
sales promotions) and identify and assess the appropriateness of the media that is or has previously been used by the company (40 marks)
5- Whilst you are reviewing the current marketing communications material you should comment on their effectiveness of the communications
process, identifying any potential marketing ‘noise’ issues which may distract the consumer and recommendations for addressing the identified
issues (20 marks)
6- Structure and Presentation of your work (10 marks)




Sample Solution

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