Rabbit-Proof Fence (2002, Australia), Phillip Noyce.

5) According to Kieran Dolin, what is the meaning of the fence in Australia and of its
representation in Noyce’s film? Include some thoughts about the notions of colonization,
property-law, sovereignty, and identity. Comment on the fence as a symbol, and the idea of
barrier and its relation to landscape and aborigines’ way to understand their relationship with nature-
6) What are the “Stolen Generations”? Discuss the idea proposed by Donna-Lee Frieze about the Stolen Generations as genocide- In her article,
Frieze contrasts the notion of responsibility as imperialistic morality versus responsibility as understood by French philosopher, Emmanuel Levinas-
Explain- How do these two different manners to define responsibility determine the way we understand and deal with the “Other”?
answer the question based on material and movies-




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