The Rise of Smart Devices; Implications of the Internet of Things in Healthcare


The paper is a capstone project for an online cybersecurity masters program. It must comply with APA 6th edition.

It is preferred that sources are scholarly, written within the last 5 years. Organizations such as IEEE, OWASP, and government entities are also preferred.

The paper will be checked for plagiarism using VeriCite plagiarism tool by the university.

I have also attached my written attempt. I don’t feel I’m doing a good enough job. You might be able to use some of the sources/existing sentences or do a complete rewrite. The end result must be quality work.

They do not define a strict page count, their estimates are Introduction 4-6 pages, statement of the problem 5-10 pages, literature review, 30-50 pages, discussion of findings 8-12 pages, recommendations 3-4 pages, and conclusion 3-4 pages. However, they specifically state “capstones vary in length — you should say what you need to say, that is how long your capstone should be”

Sample Solution

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