Health,Race,Gender and economy

1. Discuss the organization of healthcare in the United States. Make sure your answer includes the following concepts: fee for service medicine, the 20/80 problem, adverse selection, risk pooling, government spending on healthcare, and medical insurance. How do these issues affect the Obama healthcare reforms? Respond to the Obama reforms (either support or criticize) using class materials.
II.Race, and Gender
2. Discuss the nature of gender roles (make sure you address the nature and origins of these roles). How have these roles affected your life? Chose someone of the opposite sex from you, and discuss how their life was affected by these roles.
. 3. Discuss undocumented immigration focusing on those from Mexico. What is the major factor that brings these immigrants to the U.S.? What is their impact on the country ( government services, taxes, labor markets, poverty, crime, etc.) Use one of the theories of prejudice and apply it to the situation of undocumented immigrants. How does the situation of undocumented immigrants relate to the wider Latino community?
Environment / Crime/Poverty / Economy:
Discuss global warming. What is it and causes it. What is the role of the newly industrializing countries (China and India) ? What is the role of the advanced industrialized countries? What impact does population growth play in this problem? Discuss the relationship between punishment and crime. Make sure you address both incapacitation and deterrence. How does the U.S. compare to other countries in regards to punishment? Apply this discussion of punishment to the crime of murder..
What are the myths and realities of welfare. Discuss changes in the welfare system (AFDC vs TANF). Contrast the Social Security system with the welfare system.
Discuss growing economic inequality in the U.S. Discuss how inequality is measured. Discuss the five reasons for this growing inequality. Relate this discussion to San Diego.
Please explain how we came to be in the current economic crisis. Make sure you address the housing bubble, securitization, and the near collapse of the financial system. What role does monetary and fiscal policy play in this?



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