Network Security

You are required to provide a report that will provide an understanding to the management of network security threats- This needs to be thorough
and cover the following:
Management of threats eg: awareness, current threats, patches, updates, access policies, maintenance, expert management
Social impact
Organisation trust eg: data credibility, good will, corporate trust, financial trust; individual impact; corporate impact; social engineering; public
relations management; law enforcement involvement
Security policy
Review and management eg access to systems, establishment and review of personal, corporate and technical trust; vetting of staff; forensic
analysis of systems
Impact on productivity
Loss eg systems recovery, data recovery, loss of good will, loss of custom, loss of services; systemic review; legal proceedings
Estimating risks
Penetration testing; audits eg internal and external; procedures eg establishment of baseline operating model, contingency planning, scrutiny and
due diligence, vetting of contractors and commercial partners





Sample Solution

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