The unexamined life is not worth living-” Socrates

One of the key skills needed to become a successful professional is developing the ‘entrepreneurial mindset’ – the ability to manage uncertainty and
simplify complexity in order to exploit new opportunities- It is a process that requires developing a vision, identifying possibilities that may not be
perceived by others and thinking beyond the constraints of immediately available resources- Self-knowledge and knowledge of potential resources
are key factors that enable this development- This process is as applicable to your career as it is to starting a company. In this assignment, you will
identify where you want to be and how you will get there based on some specific prompts- Your personal business plan is a way to tap into and
formulate for yourself a long-term vision statement, the “external” opportunities that exist, your “internal” (personal) strengths, and a strategy for
yourself and your life over the next two to three years- In addition, I request you to share one “failure” from your past and what you learned from it
about you melt

Deliverables: The assignment should consist of a 1-2 page write-up (in bullet points or prose) that summarizes EACH of the areas discussed below:
Vision and Opportunity

What are your goals (career and/or educational) after you leave the University?

How do you define success in life?

Personal SWOT Analysis


What achievements are you most proud of?

What would those closest to you say are your strengths?


What would those closest to you say are your weaknesses?

Give an example of one “failure” you experienced in your life so far- What did you learn about yourself from that experience?


What are some need/problems that you can help solve that aligns with the vision you have identified above?


What external obstacles would keep you from achieving your goals?

Is demand for the activities your find most fulfilling changing?




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