Microsoft Project-Milestones/Sprints


Project overall is about a smart Card with a cheap in it of course.
Right now i’m working on REST Authentication, so i need to explain in details by a diagram of the 2 apps that I will explain their certs compatibility and be able to talk to each other successfully.

Will first of all: get a cert from a different machine that should have a X509 compatible cert to mine that Is a third party made of certificates that I can trust.
Second of all, accept it and accept the authentication.
3rd have those 2 apps communicate with each other.

Tools for Smart Card Project
Tools for Smart Card Project
Software development tool refers to computer programs that aid the software developers in creating, maintaining, debug and support other application software. The term development tools describe simple tools that can be combined to achieve a common goal such as the deployment of software. The standard tools include source code editors, interpreter, and compilers (Chimalakonda & Lee, 2016). Additional, tools are dependent of the programing language, the skills of the developer, development methodology and the tasks involved within a project. There are various uses of the programming tools. However, the basic functionalities include the translation of human language to computer language and vice versa as well as providing the program’s information readable to the human developer. Software tools that are used to secure a building with a smart card system can be grouped into four categories; project management tools, communication tools, system development tools and testing and delivery tools (Chimalakonda & Lee, 2016).
Project Management Tools
The project management tools describe the computer programs that are used in the planning, allocation of resource, scheduling and the management of the projects. Through the help of this tools the project stakeholders can manage the quality of the software developed, control cost, produce project documentation and manage the budget in the software development project. Some of the project management tools used in this project include;

Microsoft Project-Milestones/Sprints
This project management tool is designed to aid the project manager to track and plan the progress of the project. These tools record the activities taking place within the project and how long each task is likely to make. On the accomplishment of any work within the allocated time the deliverables are achieved and marked as milestones.
The advantage of using this tool in the smart card project is its flexibility in including dynamic schedules regardless of the constraints. The tools enable adjustments of the star and the finish dates based on the actual duration taken to accomplish a task. Additionally, the tools aids in the control of the project resources and documentation of the process involved in each work.
Gitlab- Story Boarding
This tool facilitates the management of the project by providing a storyboard of the sequence of events that are to take place within the project. This tool supports various development styles such as Scrum, Agile as well as the Waterfall methodology.
Visio- Diagrams
Visio diagrams include flowcharts, data flow diagrams among many more. The tool helps in drawing the flow of data within the project. In the smart card project, Microsoft Visio studio is used to illustrate the data flow diagram within the system, user case diagrams, and the flowchart diagrams before the actual system development.

Excel- Spread Sheets/Data
This is a powerful project management tool that aids in the analysis of projects data. The device provides summaries of data collected for the project, and it facilitates complex statistics such as calculations of standard deviations and variance. The further tool aids in setting up grant charts for the project. Additionally, Excel is used for tracking risks and other issues involved in the project.
Word-Word processing
This tool is used to process the documents used in the project. Using a word processing software the team can generate standards documents that are used for communication as well as for the management of the project resources. The ability to support various file formats makes this tool vital for the smart card project.
Office Communication Tools
These tools are used to facilitate communication among the project team. The aid in improving team collaboration enabling the team members to work productively despite the challenges of the device as well as the location. The office communication tools used in the smart card project include;
Outlook- Email
This tool provides the team with the choice of responding to emails as a mean of collaboration. The ability to store older emails makes it useful when it comes to the reference to earlier conversations. The merit of using this tool is its ability to synchronize emails from the team and can be used for official communication.
Cisco Jabber- Instant Messaging
Instant Messaging acts an alternative methods of communication among the project team. This tool provided by Cisco can be assessed from various devices despite the location. Apart from the instant messaging the tool offers access to voice, video, desktop sharing as well as conferencing which helps in improving the team collaboration on the smart card project.
Discord- Voice Chat
This is an open source software that provides the project team with a voice over internet protocol which can be used by the system developers when coding the secure card system over the internet. The tool offers both text and audio communication in a chat channel.
Cisco Webex- Conference/ Presentations
The challenge of location among the team can be overcome through the use of this tool. The tool lets the team embrace working from anywhere culture since it is fast as well as a reliable way of making presentations.
Skype-Possible Backup Voice Chat
The use of Skype for voice call has one primary merit, the ability to record meeting audio and video. This can act as a backup reference for future project activities as well as clarification of messages.

System Development Tools.
This refers to tools that are used in the development of the system. They include development environments used for coding and debugging the system, database tools as well as testing and implementation tools (Kudinov, Markov, & Veyber, 2012, September). For the secure card system, the following system development tools were used.
Eclipse- Integrated Development Environment
This tool is used for programming goals, and it is widely used for Java development. However, through plug-ins, the IDE can be customized to support various programming languages such as C++, C#, JavaScript, Perl, PHP, Python among many other words. The tool is more accessible to integrate with other devices such as the MYSQL database, and it offers support for the design of the Graphical User Interface (GUI) design. This makes it suitable for the smart card project.
Fabric- Block Chain Platform (IBM)
This aids in ushering trust, accountability transparency in the system. The tool offers a solution to the modular architectural problem, by allowing components of the system to be plug and play. The suitable blockchain platform to be implemented for the smart card system is the Hyperledger Fabric offered by IBM.
GitHub- Configuration Management
Central configuration management enables system developers to rebuild the system or make copies of the old order in the event of a system crash. GitHub offers an environment for larger projects so that can be implemented quickly. Additionally, it provides the developers with the ability to control versions through the control repositories.
JBoss- Database Access
This tool will be used to hibernate the connection to the system database on behalf of the smart card application. This is through the various connection methods such as the connection pool for stand-alone systems.
Drools/Jbpm6- Setup Business Rules and Business Process Flows
This acts as a bridge between the developer and the business analysts. The tools offer a step by step description of the business goals that the system has to achieve. This tool is suitable since it can be integrated with eclipse edit to produce a GUI to support the business goals.
MySQL- Database
This is a relational database that supports various functionalities such as querying of data from the local database. The system offers support to different programming languages such as PHP, Java among others.
Testing and Delivery Tools:
Testing is vital for any software development project. This ensures that the product delivered is of high quality and reliable (Kudinov, Markov, & Veyber, 2012, September). Testing tools provide functionalities that help in debugging as well as ensuring a stable product is produced. Tools used in the secure smart card project for testing and delivery include;
J Unit- Unit Testing and Automation
This tool enables the developer to test a single module of the whole system Unit testing is critical since it aids the systems developers to deliver all the requirements of the client. Using this tool, developers of the smart card project can test core units such as the integrity of the database.
Jenkins- Release Staging
By using this tool, the developers can release the products at every stage of the development lifecycle. Due to the complexity of the project, this tool will enable the delivery of the project in phases.
REST- Authentication
The best authentication method provided for the smart card project by this tool is the API key authentication since it generates unique keys for every attempt of access into the building.

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