Professional Healthcare Practice

Write two essays each 500 words. pease cover all the learning outcome as per the sheet attached. 1. Describe TWO key milestone in the development of social and community welfare services. In your answer you should {500 WORDS} a} Describe how services developed as a result iof One of the identified key milestones b} Use an example to compare and contract current service provision with preceding service provision 2 Expain how a professional code of proctice contributes to standards of practice in heaven in health and social care provision. {500 WORDS} In your answer you should: a} Explain the intention of a code of practice b} Identify examples of TWO ethics of vaues that are addressed in a code of practice c} Discuss how these each of these value and ethics enhance social and community wefare provision. Why they are important. { 6C’s, NHS Constitution, NMC Code}. These questions are for the short answers 1. Identfy TWO lifesytle choices{SMOKING AND DRUGS } and explain how they can have a negative impact on an individual’s Health and wellbeing. { Undersatnd t he factors influencing health} please include whitehead Rainbow 1n 1991 2 What is personal cantered Care? 3 In what way can technology contribute to health and well being 4. Give ONE example of how current health service provision has advanced compared to with previous provision? {example Evidence BasedPracice and Immunisation}. 5. Describe Two barriers to effective Partnership working within health and social care contexts ? 6 How professional attitudes can make a patient experience better




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