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Preventing Terror attacks on U.S. soil or against U.S. targets depends upon effective Intelligence. The first of the 5 elements of the Intelligence Cycle is planning: assets must be directed towards the most likely (probable) threats. Using the 30 or so incidents of terrorist acts (whether or not actually executed) that are found on pages 106–107 of Chapter 3 of the text (5th ed.) and conduct research from the Internet to find if there are any patterns or trends in those attacks or the attackers, and draw a conclusion as to how this might guide future intelligence operations. In other words, if you discover a pattern or similarities, these would logically serve as guidance for future Intelligence-gathering efforts.

Do your conclusions identify any possible conflicts with U.S. law or the Constitutional rights of Americans? How can we balance the rights of citizenship, while at the same time, making significant gains in security against the threat of terrorism?




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