David Jones is a 68 year old married white male. David current resides at his home in Rawlins, Wyoming on a ranch with his wife Sarah who is a 65 year old white female. David and Sarah have been married for 42 years. David and Sarah have three adult children John (40), Elizabeth (38), and Pamela (34). David appears to be neatly dressed and agitated. David has been referred for treatment to the Veterans Administration by his wife Sarah.

Describe the client’s demographical information. 3. Analyze the client’s presenting problem. 4. Describe the client’s diagnoses using the DSM-5 as a foundation. 5. Apply the assessments used to approach the diagnosis (depression scale, alcoholism screening, ADHD, et cetera). 6. Apply a mental health theory applied from your readings to the case (such as but not limited to cognitive, solution-focused, object relations, narrative, behavioral, or self-psychology). 7. Apply a treatment intervention and describe the specific and best treatment intervention applied, including descriptions of the: o Client’s strengths, weaknesses, and social support systems in the treatment intervention plan applied. o Client’s long-term goal for the treatment intervention plan applied. o Client’s short-term goals and treatment objectives for the treatment intervention plan applied. 8. Create a treatment timeline. 9. Apply the systems theory perspective to include the client’s family (treatment at the micro, mezzo, and macro level). 10. Explain at least one of the potential ethical dilemmas and how to address it through NASW ethical guidelines. 11. Explain the diversity needs for client or family and how to address those needs. 12. Explain how you will evaluate the client’s progress. Describe a client’s demographic information, presenting problem, and diagnoses.



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