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A key component of working as a manager is to conduct performance appraisals for the employees whom you are managing. You feel that the most effective way to carry out the performance appraisals is to create a written policy that details the way performance appraisals will be carried out. Using the same facility you chose in Week 1, construct a policy that details how employee performance appraisals will be conducted in the organization. In your policy, be sure to address the following criteria at a minimum: Details of the appraisal process The frequency of performance appraisals The employees involved in the process Keep in mind that the type of organization, as well as regulations, may impact the type of criteria that the employee is appraised on.

Healthcare Occupation Research
Part A
Medical and health services manager
Medical and health services manager is a position also known as healthcare executive or healthcare administrator. The position involves the administrator planning, directing and coordinating medical and health services. A medical health service manager can manage the whole medical facility, a clinical area or department, or he/she can manage a medical practice for a group of physicians. In this case, the medical and health service manager can work in offices in healthcare facilities, which mainly include hospitals, nursing homes and group medical practices. A medical and health services manager needs fluent speaking skills to enable him to carry out efficient communication to others. He/she also needs critical thinking skills and judgment and decision-making skills. He needs to be able to read comprehensively concerning the work-related information.
Skills to write efficiently to co-workers, as well as active-listening skills together with good time management skills, are core factors to success in the position. A person starting the career as a medical and health services manager requires a bachelor’s degree, with less than five years work experience and does not require on-the-job training. In New York, 90% of those in this position earn more than $208,000 annually.
Database Administer
Database Administer tests and implements computer databases as well as applying knowledge of database management systems. He/she coordinates changes to computer databases besides the planning and coordinating of security measures of the healthcare facility. A database manager may, therefore, work in all healthcare facilities, from hospitals to an insurance company. A database manager when starting the career will be required to have a bachelor’s degree. He is neither required to have work experience nor on-the-job training. However, the main abilities required for this position include problem sensitivity and deductive reasoning. Additionally, one will need to have abilities in information ordering, oral comprehension and inductive reasoning. In this case, the skills required from a database manager include critical thinking, complex problem solution, and comprehension of readings, active listening and judgment and Decision Making, together with the skills to actively learn. Typically, a database administrator earns an annual wage of $145,010 per year.
Part Two
The three positions are a certified medical assistant, Physical therapist assistant and pharmacy technician. To be successful in the position of a medical assistant, I need to be a good speaker. Similarly, I need to be able to understand people’s reaction, be an active listener and be in a position of reading comprehensive information related to work. I possess the above-required skills except for full social perceptiveness and monitoring skills. Development of the social perceptiveness skill requires me to engage in work-related activities such as internship to be able to gain experience in how to interpret people’s reactions. Monitoring skills require one to be able to keep track of how well people are doing for improvement suggestions. This skill requires me to take training lessons on how to effectively manage the human resource and work with people. Working as a medical assistant requires no work experience, thereby making me qualify for the position in terms of work experience expectations.
In order to be successful in the position of a physical therapist assistant, I have to be a good speaker, capable of speaking to others without showing biases. My outgoing personality enables me to attain this skill. Also, I am an active listener; therefore, I can afford to listen to others without interrupting them and only ask questions when necessary. However, I am a poor monitor of people; therefore, I lack the monitoring skills. I also do not have the full knowledge to understand people’s reactions; therefore, I cannot keep track of how people are doing to suggest improvements. However, I am service oriented, which is an additional skill required for one to be a successful therapist assistant. Development of the social perceptiveness skill requires me to engage in work-related activities such as internship to be able to gain experience in how to interpret people’s reactions. The monitoring skills will be acquired through further education training and courses related to interaction with people. The position requires no work experience.
As a pharmacy technician, I will be required to instructions given by the pharmacist. I will also be involved in the measurement, mixing, counting out, labelling and recording amounts and dosages of medications depending on the prescription orders. In this regard, the skills required of me will include good customer and personal services, which entails active listening with minimum interruption and only asking relevant questions when necessary. My ability to speak fluent English and to effectively communicate with customers is one of the skills that will ensure my success in the position of the pharmacy technician. However, the position requires me to have proper knowledge in medicine and dentistry, especially of the information and techniques needed to diagnose and treat human injuries, diseases, and deformities. As per my current education level, I have not yet gained the full knowledge of the medicine and in this regard, I need to further my study to get the full knowledge. The position requires no work experience.
Part Three
The selected healthcare organization is Aspen Valley Hospital. This is a twenty-five-bed community health hospital in the USA that was started in 1889 as the Citizens’ Hospital Committee of Pitkin County” with an initial 20 room-designed structure located between Red and Smuggler Mountains as a central point for the community to be served. By 1962, the initial Citizen’s Hospital was renovated and expanded to a middle hospital at the same site, and it can have 25 beds for patients. However, with increased concerns about the future expenses in renovating the hospital, the board of directors voted on for the motion to relocate the hospital to Castle Creek Road, where the current Aspen Valley Hospital is located.
Aspen Valley Hospital currently offers many services to its patients. Some of the services offered at the hospital include; ambulance services for quick medical response, birth center for delivery and care for infants and mothers together with a childbirth center. The hospital also has lactation services, parent resources, cardiology department, cardiopulmonary diagnostics and rehabilitation services, diabetes education center, diagnostic imaging services, an emergency department and endocrinology. The hospital has a laboratory and neurology department, as well as offering nutrition services to the members of the society among other services. The hospital, in this regard operates in various forms including home care services. In order to be employed at the hospital, one has to have at least a bachelor’s degree and must have recommended skills in handling patients. He must be a good speaker, an active listener, a critical thinker and a socially perspective person capable of understanding people’s reactions. The high qualification requirements of the hospital requires one to be an efficient learner and this will help me to take the necessary education programs and internship opportunities to meet the requirements of the hospital.
Aspen Valley Hospital: http://www.aspenvalleyhospital.org/
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Healthcare Organizations DB
Everyone is motivated to pursue a career for different reasons. I decided to go into healthcare for two major reasons. First and foremost, I believe that most deaths have been caused by the inability of people to access quality and affordable healthcare. As a result, I want to enter into this field and help address this problem. Secondly, I believe that healthcare presents a platform to impact people’s lives in a positive way (Gupta & Rokade, 2016). There are different job titles that I have taken into consideration. Some of them include medical assistant, registered nurse, physician, nursing assistant and therapist. In addition, there are skills and abilities that I would like to use in my daily work. Out of these skills, I believe that communication skills play a major role (Jerden et al, 2006). I will play a crucial in motivating patients and their families to take charge of their treatment. Moreover, other skills will include the ability to promote behavioral changes among the patients, teamwork, ability to search for information from various sources, conflict management skills, time management skills and decision-making skills. Most important would be competence related to attitudes (Irvine, 2005). In this case, I will be required to adopt a proactive position and always take up the role of an advocate. Finally, I must strive to work as a role model by promoting healthy behaviors. On the other hand, there are different health care settings that I seek to work in. They include general hospitals, rehabilitation centers, nursing homes, health maintenance organizations and specialty care hospitals among others.

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