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1. Express each set using the roster method.
a. {x I x ? N and 10 = x = 80}
b. {x I x + 3= 9}

2. At Ice Cream World, 50 elementary school children ordered ice cream while on their field trip. Thirty-four students ordered sprinkles, 23 students ordered cherries on top, and 6 students receive ice cream with neither sprinkles nor cherries. Given this information, answer the following questions (Hint: Use a Venn Diagram)
a. How many students ordered both cherries and sprinkles?
b. How many students ordered cherries, but no sprinkles?

3. Indicate which symbol, ? or ? makes each of the following statements true when inserted into the blank:
a. 0 ______ Ø
b. {1} ______ {1, 2}
c. Ø ______Ø
d. {1, 2} ______ {1, 2}
e. 1024______ {2n|n ? N}




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