History of the National Park Service


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Develop a research question (related to environmentalism/ environmental issues) 3+ primary sources 3+ scholarly secondary sources (books or articles) All sources must have a clear author Focus on ability to make an argument about the issue Try to address a few of the following but narrow in on one: (how did problem come about, how did people see the issue at the time, why was problem allowed to exist, could something have been done different, did issue signal some significant shift, does it tell us something about how Americans understood the environment) Scrutinize and explain what the initiative says about American environmental history Overall Goal: make a case about what you think the environmental issues tells us or what it reflects about American history Intro paragraph or section introducing topic and lays out clear history 1-3 pages providing core background history of the environmental issue 6-8 pages of discussion and analysis that supports and affirms overall argument A conclusion A Title Numbered pages Citation for all direct quotes A Conclusion

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