Investigating Collective Violence

1- Davis’s 2012 article, “Organized Crime in a Network Society,” from the Journal of International Affairs, volume 66, issue 1, pages 145-149- The
author links networked systems of organized crime and violence-
2- Wolf’s 2012 article, “Central American Gang Violence: Foregrounding the Silences,” from the Journal of Human Security, volume 8, issue 1, pages
80-96- Wolf examines how gang violence happens-
3- Nemeth’s 2014 article, “The Effect of Competition on Terrorist Group Operations,” from the Journal of Conflict Resolution, volume 58, issue 2,
pages 336-362- Nemeth examines how violence and terror are tactics used by groups to attract attention and adherents-

-Summarize the central concepts of three articles in this unit’s listing-
-Compar e and contrast how the articles explain problems of collective violence-
-Identify and discuss some themes that you feel can tie the articles together-
-Suggest some ways that the assigned articles relate to your research problem, even if your research plan does not focus on collective forms of



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