Case 5


This is going to be the last assignment in this topic and as you know i did not get good mark in Case 4, i want to get good mark in this one. Also, this Case it worth 15 percent, i should get it to pass the topic. Please focus in this assignment and covering all the requirements. Everything is explained in the guideline and marking rubric and if you have any questions let me know.

Assignment 5: “Total Patient Assessment & Documentation Exercise”
The aim of this final assignment is to demonstrate a holistic range of assessments. To do this you will be required to evidence assessment practices/ considerations and patient findings consistent with the curriculum covered throughout the topic.

1. Find a person to volunteer to be a patient for you (friend, family member etc).
2. Please complete and report on a holistic assessment of this person
3. You may assume that your patient has presented with a “Conscious Collapse”. The rest of the information presented can be a blend of your own creative licences & actual findings from your chosen patient
4. Please report on all findings, both positive and negative as a way of evidencing that the assessment has been completed/considered
5. You are required to report on any assessment which would be available to a paramedic. Please create your own findings where you do not have access to the required equipment (eg. ECG, BP, BGL)
6. You are not required to treat your patient
7. Dot point / concise reporting is suitable for this assessment
8. You are not required to explain your assessments.
# Please do not attempt to complete this on an actual SAAS case card as you will not have enough space for the information expected to satisfy this assignment requirements.
There is no word/page limit for this assignment and no references are required.
# Please note ISBAR is not a recommended documentation tool. Please do not use VACIS.
Please familiarize yourselves with the specific marking rubric and documentation guide provided on FLO.

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