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You have two options. For this assignment, you can watch My Left Foot or The Theory of Everything. Remember, these videos are available for free through MSU’s digital subscription to Swank Motion Pictures. Google Chrome is the browse of choice. Click the link then log in using your MSU NetID and password. If you find yourself on the Swank Motion Pictures homepage, simply search the movie title. Step One: Fill out the film worksheet. Step Two: Write a 500-750 word (2-3 pages) double-spaced paper that performs a disability studies analysis of this movie. Step Three: Submit both the worksheet and the paper as an MS-Word document to this folder: Lecture 7: Critical Analysis Paper. You can submit as one file or two. You must correctly use the critical vocabulary in our class and reference class readings or outside research. You must strive to answer questions that we have explored in class, such as: Which disability model is represented? Is the depiction of disability truthful? What common tropes appear in the movie? How has the disability community responded to this movie? What does disability signify in this film? What other films, plays, or television shows depict disability in a similar manner? In short, you will use the work you did in the worksheet as the foundation for a paper. Some tips: You will probably want to write more than the required 500-750 words. Part of this is an exercise in being concise. Stick to the word count. Review the models of disability. Make sure that when you identify the model in the movie, that you defend your opinion using specifics. It should be clear to me that you understand the model. Representing the opinion of the disability community requires outside research and citations. Use MLA format for your Works Cited page (which doesn’t count as part of the word count). Go here for help: Purdue Online Writing Lab. Assume the reader has seen the movie. There’s no reason to include a lengthy plot summary. Grammar counts. Review your writing. Make sure your ideas are expressed clearly. Does your first paragraph contain a clear and compelling thesis statement that identifies the overall thrust of your paper? Does your final paragraph contain a complete conclusion that restates the thesis and answers the “so what” question? worksheet Name: Film Worksheet Title: Date Released: Screenwriter: Director: Do the screenwriter or director have disabilities? List all characters with impairments, describe the nature of the impairment, include the names of the actors that played the roles, and research whether or not the actor playing the part actually has the impairment. As depicted, does each character depicted have a disability, or just an impairment? Defend your choice. Based on your experience or research, does the actor’s depiction seem truthful? Why might the screenwriter have chosen to give these particular characters disabilities? What does disability signify in this fictional piece? Is it a metaphor? What is it a metaphor for? ?In what ways does disability as depicted here fit the moral model? Medical model? Social construction model? How? Why? Use specific examples. What is the relationship between disability and sexuality in this piece? Disability and gender? ?Research some references about this film and this character from the disability community. at least one s Look for articles that express an opinion about disability in this piece. What do they say? Are perceptions positive or negative? Sum up the arguments.




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