Throughout the semester you are required to post and discuss in detail about a criminological theory of your choosing. You can choose any of the theories presented in the course, and you have freedom in the direction of the conversation. Be creative! Some examples of what you could talk about:

Find an article from a trustworthy news source (e.g. Washington Post, USA Today, Phoenix Times) about a crime committed. Provide an analysis of the event through the lens of your chosen theory. Explain how it does or does not fit.
Critique the theory from your perspective about why it does not fit your view on crime.
Find some recent research that supports (or does not support) the theory.
Compare and contrast the theory with another one. Explain how they might fit together or how they might conflict with each other.
In addition, at the end of your original post please pose a couple of questions to your classmates. They can be questions you have about the theory or questions you have for your classmates about how maybe they can explain an anomaly of the theory.

Sample Solution

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