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Assume you have been appointed as the Director of Marketing of a small up and coming regional hotel chain you are familiar with. You have been given the carte blanche to reinvent the chain’s marketing strategy. You have the right attitude and aptitude, and the necessary tools and resources at your disposal. You are unveiling your marketing plan at the upcoming AGM. Procedure: Present your marketing strategy as a report. Your report must cover the following components: 1. Background: Provide a brief overview of your organisation, covering aspects such as organisational structure, branding, positioning, locality, and competitors and target markets. 2. Marketing Principles and Techniques:
: Critically analyse and evaluate your chain’s value proposition underscored by the: • o Marketing Mix o Marketing Segmentation o CRM o Strategic Management o Digital Marketing 3. Sustainability Manifesto: Explain in detail your sustainability strategy and the benchmarks you propose to use to evaluate performance. 4. Based on your marketing strategy report presentation, do you think you can ‘sell’ your proposition to the stakeholders? Provide detailed support for your answer.



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