Provide examples of hOW you Will make a commitment to your job, be specific (remember to include content about self-awareness and critical
thinking), (my job is care manager in memory care)
Discuss hOW you Will maintain digital communication and privacy
Describe What you intend to do in order to develop a strong Wor k ethic
Be certain to discuss the concepts of attendance and punctuality, reliability and accountability, attitude and enthusiasm, competence and quality of
Wor k and compliance- Provide specific examples of What you Will do as a health care providers- In other words, ifl went back and asked your boss
about these areas, What would she say about you in reference to these terms?
Describe how you plan to be a “representative of an employer”
As a student and as an employee you Will receive comments and evaluations on your performance- Discuss What this means to you and What you
intend on doing With this information-




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