STEM Event

You are required to develop a STEM event for learner engagement , utilising learner- centeredness and hands-on approaches. The STEM event will be designed for learners from diverse backgrounds for a one hour session. The one hour time slot can be broken down into shorter 10 – 15 minute “stations” if you choose. A STEM event, for example, could be a session conducted in your school hall during science week.

Develop a design in which inquiry approaches are used to support and enhance student-centred, authentic and problem-based learning.
The STEM event details need to be presented as a portfolio in an online format such as a Weebly, Wix, wiki or webpage with links to the –
• event activity details,
• teacher resources explaining the STEM content,
• expert contacts,
• real-world applications,
• a budget,
• sample student consent forms,
• detailed schedule and
• resources needed.



Sample Solution

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