Critical Approach Analysis Essay (On the movie Dogma)

Critical Approach Analysis Essay (10% of final grade) In this paper you will discuss Dogma from the point of view of ONE of the critical approaches. Discuss the aspects found in the work and what the authorial intentions of the work is. • Do not just give a summary of the movie. ( The reader is informed. A brief introduction of the text is all that is needed • Perform additional research. These additional readings provide a view point of the times and will greatly help you understand the writer/director’s intentions. The sources do not have to discuss the film; these can be about your approach, history, social issues, ect that helps support your work. • Do not make assumptions about the author, time or text without support. • Papers that commit plagiarism will be given a zero and asked to leave the class. The choice and determination on this matter is mine. To ensure that this doesn’t happen to you please see a tutor or ensure proper citation of your texts. • Do NOT use morals, beliefs, opinions, poor rhetoric and logical fallacies to support your argument. • Do NOT relate the work to modern day or get lost discussing a topical issue (abortion, gay marriage, ect.) The goal is to find a critical approach listed on the slideshow within the work and discuss this. Ask these to yourself to write this analysis; do not answer the questions literally in your paper. The answers will help you choose a direction. 1. What is the message? 2. What is the writer’s/director’s goal? 3. Who is this for? 4. What issues in society, at that time, would have inspired the work? Find academic works to help you support your critical approach. These experts will help you view the text in a new way and shape your ideas. It is wise to do your research BEFORE you write. Formatting and Research Requirements • 2 pages (not including works cited page) • 5 par format essay is required (clear intro, body and conclusion – a par. has 5 sentences minimum.) • 12pt font, times new roman, standard margins • The paper must follow MLA format • Unique title • No personal pronouns (I, you, us, one, we, one and our) • A thesis statement should be present as the last sentence of the introduction so that it may be identified. Reference the thesis PowerPoint if you need a refresher on this topic. • You must use 3 sources that are based on fact; such as library books, databases, and academic journals. One of the citations should be the movie; this is found on YouTube and direct quotes can be taken.

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