IT Operation

Sample exam question :
1) Under milkwood has decided to reduce staff numbers in IT. Senior manager not make up their mind wherever to reduce it development n operations.
Prepare to in formal presentation (essay , page of info) u need to make to senior manager is to why it operations staff should be not reduced?

2) The key task of IT operations department is managing security of both it system n data.
Discuss it (compare n contrast)
3) ‘What are the attributes of a good IT Operations Management and how do these attributes align to a successful ITOM strategy?’

4) Briefly explain the role of help desk. How it impact to IT operations management?.

5) App and hardware monitoring of legacy systems has reported a gradual of performance against SLA matrix of pass 2 months. Describe how u preeminent and explain is part of legacy systems is

6) What the operations management need to prepare for implementation Change for the 3 months?
Hint answer : SLA metrics ? why we need SLA…
How it impact to baseline



Sample Solution

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