Strategic Case Analysis


Use problem-solving skills to strategically analyze, evaluate and recommend solutions for an organizational issue or problem To demonstrate your mastery of this learning outcome, you will conduct a strategic case analysis on an organization of reasonable size and complexity. The assigned project assigned allows you the opportunity to write a strategic case analysis (18-20 pages), applying knowledge and experiences gained from courses you have taken in the BAAS Organizational Leadership program. The objective of this assignment is for you to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of various key aspects of an organization, including leadership practices; to identify and consider internal and external environmental factors that impact how the organization works; to identify strategic issues that need to be addressed; to analyze strategic plans of actions; and to offer recommendations that might allow the organization to flourish under relevant circumstances. Select an organization from one of the two leadership interviews to conduct your strategic case analysis. Use the Strategic Case Analysis (Word, PDF) as a guide or template. When you have completed your analysis, upload your MS Word document to the appropriate Dropbox for grading. Special Note: Papers that are not fully developed and thorough in analysis, will not earn a passing grade. You should expect to write between 18-20 double-spaced pages (not counting your title page, reference pages, and appendices) to demonstrate competency. You absolutely must use knowledge and experience gained from other courses in this program; however, you should not copy and paste work already submitted for grading. Papers who have copy and paste (and I can tell because they do not fit exactly the format of this assignment) will most likely receive a grade of zero or F grade. In addition, this is an academic paper and I expect related concepts from your readings (in all courses and elsewhere) to be integrated throughout the analysis and cited appropriately. Please provide both in-text citations and a complete reference page for all sources. Follow APA guidelines.

Your Strategic Case Analysis should, at minimum, include the following headings and
Table of Contents
Identification of the Organization
• History of the organization
• Mission and/or vision of the organization
• Size of organization: number of employees, operating budget, brief financial info
• Structure of the organization
• Competitors of the organization
Internal Environmental Factors (SWOT)
• Strengths of the organization
• Weaknesses of the organization
• Threats or challenges to the organization
External Environmental Factors (SWOT)
• Demographical factors (current and potential workforce; current or future customers or
clients; new demands and needs)
• Economic factors (free forces of the marketplace, pricing, sources of funding, politics of
the budgeting process, state or public appropriations, philanthropic donations)
• Political factors (how politics at the local, city, region, state, national, or international
can influence the operations of the organization)
• Technological factors (changes in automation, computer usage, communications)
• Sociological or societal (cultural trends, socioeconomic effects, preferences, fairness
and accountability, equal opportunities, community needs, societal expectation)
• Legal (city, regional, state, national, and international rules and regulations)
• Systematic or Industry factors (these factors are unique to the industry or system to
which this organization belongs)
Situation or Strategic Analysis
• Based on your research and your interview with one of the organization’s leader,
explain how the organization has reconciled its internal strengths and weaknesses with
external environment factors in order to ensure survivability or better yet continued
• What have gotten into the way in terms of the organization being able to understand
what it needs to do to survive or progress?
• What have the organization missed out on in terms of strategies or ways to situate itself
at a better place than in the past?
Organizational Strategy
• Explain how the organization has developed and implemented its actionable plans of
action to survive or prosper.
• Have the organization’s leaders been a factor for success or failure?
• What have been the successes and barriers in developing and implementing actionable
• Has the organization engaged in any kind of own self-evaluation or assessment efforts
in order to improve on its operations and leadership functions?
Your Recommendations
• Based on your interview with one of the leaders in this organization and any documents
or information that you were able to find about this organization, please offer your list
of recommendations for this organization: what leaders need to do, how the
organization needs to do its SWOT analysis, what the organization needs to focus on in
terms of its comparable advantage and appropriate actionable plans, and how or what
the organization needs to be focusing on in order to prosper into the foreseeable future.
Reference List (please use APA formatting)
Written by David L. Tan, Ph.D., 2017

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