cultural issues that afiectthe organization’s behavior

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Imagine you are a newly hired CEO for a car company that operates in the us, Japan, and Germany. The governing board hired you because of
your education and past track record as a successful business person- You have been asked by the governing board to write a 5 – 7 page, double-
spaced report- please add a title page and reference page, which is not included in the 5 – 7 pages

When you write your report consider the following:
Describe the cultural issues that affect the organization’s behavior
Identify differences in work behavior in the 3 different countries above ,Identify challenges and opportunities and provide solutions and/or actions to
address challenges and opportunities
Address your plan to continuously improve the organization Identify major stakeholders
Identify what you need to do to develop your personal leadership skills What leadership style Will you use to contribute to the overall organization?
How Will your leadership style influence the organization’s behavior (employees, stakeholders, society, government, etc



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