positive psychology

Multigenerational communities are being built all around the United States. Even Jimmy Buffett has created one in Florida. With such a hectic life, many people yearn for a return to a simpler way of living, where there is very little mental stress and health and well-being are promoted through community gardens, art, cultural activities, and physical health. For an example, review the information on Serenbe, a multigenerational community near Atlanta, Georgia, located in this week’s resources.

After reviewing this week’s resources, conduct further research on other multigenerational communities that promote positive emotions, diversity, a sense of community, inclusion and thriving. How do they attract LGBTQ families or minorities? What kind of activities, resources, worship centers, etc. would be attractive? Be sure to conduct additional research for scholarly articles in the library as well. These articles could be related to these types of communities or how diversity is celebrated in any structure, organized community.

Develop an annotated bibliography with your research results. Incorporate at least 10 peer-reviewed studies from the last 5 years, unless they are historical or seminal. After each annotation, indicate how the study might inform the proposal for your Signature Assignment.

Following your annotated bibliography, include a paragraph that details the primary role of the community and why that type of community appeals to you for the final project. Remember, for the Signature Assignment, you will draft a proposal for developers who build vibrant communities for multigenerational groups. Think about the type of vision you have for this community after reviewing the Serenbe Community and conducting your research for this assignment.




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