The Mid Term Achiever’s Test

This test will be graded on the curve, inducing a bit of Achiever competition, meaning that not everyone is likely to get an A unless everyone gets 100%.( Which in this system generally means that the test was too easy ) I will be using this formula for the curve:
T=50+10Z, where Z=(Y1-Y)/S and

I am basing much of this test on your capacity to reason, and to come to logical conclusions, to apply some of the material we have worked with, to synthesize, and to evaluate, all Achiever capacities. You can use any of the material we have worked with so far, and other expert sources. What you come up with is your own take on things based on your own understanding, analysis and reasoning.

RETURN YOUR TEST TO me by Sunday evening

Definition/ Analysis/ Synthesis
Question 1

Please complete the following matrix using the material we have studied. Note that the material you have read doesn’t always agree exactly, and that you will have to pay attention to your own sense making and reasoning. You might need to seek out additional articles to get the information you need to complete the work. You might also note the patterns of consciousness I brought to your attention earlier (for example two levels at each person perspective with the first more horizontal and the second with more of a hierarchy)

Some of the matrices in your reading may have been devised by someone who is at an earlier level than you are so don’t assume they are the best available; please construct your own matrices below. Please begin with the Diplomat and conclude with the Unitive level.

Levels of Development and Commons& Richard’s Systems

Lovinger Levels of Development Common’s &R’s levels of Systems Reasons for correlating
Characteristics Comments if any

Question 2: What systems and sub-systems can you find within our class structure? What level of development is each of these subsystems derived from? Why do you think so?

Question 3. the Common’s and Richards papers, and the Torbert, Cook Greuter and Joiner material reading for the week; notice the complexity that is beginning to present itself, including different terms, different agreements on definitions, different underlying belief systems behind different levels of systems. Given the material you have read so far, how would you best describe an organizational system that arises out of the Achiever consciousness in one paragraph and say why. (Achievers always want to know why ) Please use citations as support for your statements (in good Achiever fashion).

Self Evaluation
Question 4: Go through all of your assignments and completed work so far and evaluate it for completion and quality (UR), for your own understanding (UL) for participation (LR), and meaning making with others (LL). Also what is the range of levels you see yourself working from? Have you made a good Achiever plan for your Individual project yet?



Sample Solution

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